Fully automatic frying potato chip line

Fully automatic fried potato chips line, we have all learned about fried foods, so this is also the need to understand more things in our life, fully automatic frying machine manufacturers indicate white or contain high iron oxide It is necessary to do relevant prevention under the conditions of wet stickers. If you want to modify it, you must choose according to its nature.


Hoist: Lifting material into the peeling machine Cleaning and peeling machine: After the potatoes come in, they are cleaned and peeled, while feeding and discharging, continuous. Picking line: Pick and clean the peeled potatoes, and pick them out if they are bad. Hoist: Lift the cleaned and peeled potatoes into the slicing machine. Potato Chip Fries Machine: Put the peeled and clean potatoes into the feeding port continuously, and the potato chips will be cut out automatically. Rinsing line: Wash the cut potato chips and chips, and wash the starch. Bleaching line: The potato chips will be blanched and fixed, and additives will be added. Air-cooled dewatering machine: Dry the surface of the flat potato chips after frying to fry. Deep-fried line: fried potato chips and chips. Deoiling line: Take off the oil on the surface of the fried potato chips. Seasoning line: Season the fried potato chips and chips. Air-cooled picking line: Blow the potato chips for packaging, picking unacceptable potato chips. Packaging machine: packaging potato chips and chips.


The value of the potato chip assembly line of the automatic fryer is still very large. This is also the aspect that we need to do well in our life. We do not allow more than 10% of the qualified products to exist. If it is a qualified product, then it is not. Allow more than 10% of non-conforming products to exist

Post time: Dec-20-2018
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